Luxurious healing for a tired mind and body. Relax your mind and body with an exquisite Thai massage.

Just as its name suggests, "Baan Mai" translates to "tree house" in Thai. Here, you'll embark on a blissful journey of massage, cocooned in a haven of comfort and natural tranquility. Our unique healing approach encompasses the mind, body, and soul, entwining traditional Thai massage's luxurious techniques and intoxicating aromatic scents. Unwind and recalibrate amidst the serene expanse of "Baan Mai," liberating yourself from the day's hustle and rekindling your inner equilibrium. This spacious sanctuary offers respite, where the deft hands of seasoned therapists tenderly unravel daily stress, ushering in solace and serenity.
Fusing Thailand's intrinsic essence and an oasis of serenity removed from urban clamor, "Baan Mai" crafts a sanctuary of restoration. From the instant you step inside, a wave of relaxation and peace envelops you. Linger and relish moments of unadulterated bliss within our sanctuary.
Located in a prime locale, "Baan Mai" sits a mere 3-minute stroll from Tokyo Metro's Uchisaiwaicho and Toranomon Stations, and a leisurely 6-minute walk from JR Shimbashi Station. Break free from the daily frenzy and immerse yourself in premier Thai massage. "Baan Mai" stands as a nurturing oasis, enfolding your mind and body. Whether seeking personal solitude or sharing a special occasion, we eagerly await your visit, promising a haven of respite.

バーンマイ タイマッサージ&サパ|新橋 内幸町 虎ノ門
バーンマイ タイマッサージ&サパ|新橋 内幸町 虎ノ門

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